Regardless of the severity, One of a Kind Auto Collision Repair center knows that being involved in a collision is a difficult experience. Understanding and navigating the scope of what is involved to have your vehicle repaired can be quite a daunting task. At One of a Kind Auto Collision Repair center, we strive to decrease the anxiety and inconvenience involved every step of the way. Our car collision repair professional office staff will maintain an open line of communication with you to provide initial guidance and vital information as the repair progresses.

Insurance Claims

Our estimators are trained and focused solely on the best interest of our clients. 1 OAK Motors is relentless when it comes to achieving settlements with insurance companies and obtaining the optimum benefits of your policy. We have never, nor will we ever, allow an insurance company to dictate how we fix a vehicle. We’ve been doing this for a very long time. We know exactly what it takes and how long it takes to achieve perfect results.

Pure Craftsmanship

One of a Kind Auto Body Repair center has quietly developed its collision repair services to achieve a national reputation among the car world’s most important names. Our car collision repairer‘s performance is driven through an old school work ethic combined with sophisticated and precise technique. The elite level of certifications we have earned over the years also provides us with the most advanced tools reserved for only a select few in the country. One of a Kind Auto Body Shop is for those who expect one thing be constantly present in their life… the best and nothing less.


The training and knowledge required to perform structural aluminum repairs is extremely critical in maintaining the safety integrity of a vehicle. This type of car collision repair requires not only highly skilled technicians, but also the use of very specific tools due to the metallurgy of aluminum. The traits of aluminum can become altered in a collision and it’s important to have an expert who is able to identify when a component is compromised. It’s so important that manufacturers prohibit the sale of replacement parts to shops that have not been certified. One of a Kind Auto Body Repair Shop has been well versed and certified in aluminum repairs for decades and has dedicated work areas designated for aluminum repair only.

Specialized Frames & Fixtures

Each manufacturer requires a specific frame bench with fixture attachments tailored specifically for certain makes and models. These set-ups ensure that a vehicles frame measurements line up within millimeters of the original factory spec. One of a Kind Car Collision Repair Center has been proactive over the years in acquiring all the required benches and fixtures.


When Carbon Fiber use in automobiles trickled down from Formula 1 into the exotic car market, One of a Kind Car Collision Repair Studio was one of the first to learn and train with this newly implemented composite material. Over the years we’ve seen more and more manufacturers introduce carbon fiber elements to their vehicle line-up. Working on carbon fiber for over two decades, our experience and ability with this composite is one of the major reasons One of a Kind Car Collision Repair Studio is sought after by car owners all over the country.

Weave Structure

Multiple layers of webbing and infused resin make carbon fiber a unique material whose characteristics and properties change when bent or shaped. So repairing any damaged area requires precision in manipulating and replicating the material to align with the unaffected area. One of a Kind Car Collision Repair Studio has witnessed first-hand carbon fiber production and repair procedures in England as well as from the factories of Ferrari and Lamborghini in Italy..

Carbon Chassis

One of a Kind Car Collision Repair Studio has seen every type of carbon fiber chassis used in exotic and supercars. It’s strength, rigidity, and lightweight characteristics make it much more favorable to steel or aluminum. Some metal though, usually aluminum, is still incorporated in specific crash zones for safety purposes. Extreme caution must be used when repairing metal around carbon fiber due to its lack of flexibility and heat tolerance. Our technicians have mastered this craft and continue to be an industry leader in the repair field.


The introduction of electric and hybrid vehicle technology has had a tremendous impact on the automobile industry. Every major manufacturer either currently has or is in production utilizing this technology. One of a Kind Auto Collision’s experience with these vehicle is vast. We are well versed in this technology that is being used in exotic cars such as the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, and BMW i8.

Specialized Sensors

Electric and hybrid vehicles have highly specific sensors and components incorporated throughout the vehicle. Parts connect with and around the battery are also crucial to vehicle make-up and safety. Without a proper understanding of the function of these elements during a repair, massive problems can ensure. One of a Kind Auto Collision Repair Studio trains regularly at Tesla’s HQ in California to remain up to date on their policies and procedures. We also have specific electric car repair and hybrid car repair training with other manufacturers as well.

Charged Up!

When repairing electric vehicles, One of a Kind Hybrid and Electric Car Repair center employs state-of-the art tools and scanners supplied by the manufacturer to assure all the electronic data specs and digital processes are to its factory state. We have invested heavily in this field by enhancing our technology capabilities and actively acquiring the latest software and updates.


One of a Kind Motors has recently expanded its operations with the addition of 2 tow trucks and 2 multi car trailers. As we’ve experienced tremendous growth, we felt it was important to increase our level of car towing service that we could provide our customers with. In addition to providing pick-up and delivery service for our customers, having in-house towing service at Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles allows for battery quality control protection for vehicles during transit.

Enclose Flatbed

The acquisition of an enclosed flatbed truck is something we knew was essential to our business and customers. During long transports, the risk of damage from road debris and other elements are eliminated. Further, we have many customers whose exotic or supercar is very unique and they don’t want the car seen or photographed. One of a Kind Motors diligently takes the necessary precautions and steps to protect the car and its owner during transport.